Sinkholes Opening Around the Globe

First Created 10/1/2012


Sinkholes are nothing new but they seem to be happening with increased frequency worldwide these past few years. There is a link below to a wide collection of sinkholes sorted by month and year.

July 15, 2012

Massive Numbers Of Sinkholes Opening Around The World, 200 In Hernando County Florida (I Live Here)

I think this is fairly newsworthy as a massive amount of sinkholes seem to be opening around the world. In Hernando County Florida some 200 opened up at the entrance to the army air national guard facility and three in Live Oak, Florida condemning a number of businesses. This is not all that far from me! Suwanee County Georgia indicates the entire town is sinking.

Much of this happened on July 2nd and 3rd and speculation is it resulted from an unusual earth wobble which in turn could be tied to the coming of the 12th planet. There was red rain also reported in Kerala, India. The 12th planet is said to carry a red dust haze along with it.

At any rate, massive holes worldwide include, a house sinking in Toronto, sink holes near the airport in Costa Rico, roads buckling in Wisconsin, a sinkhole in Brooklyn, water main breaks in Syracuse, many sinkholes in China, massive sink hole off Hwy 127 in Tennessee, United Van Lines truck teetering on the edge of a sinkhole in Marion County Florida, rail stopped in Colwal U.K. and Much much more. See the provided links.

Adding to the instability there were four volcanoes erupting in Kamchatka, Russia and an X1.4-class solar flare on July 12th.

There are also reports of mysterious bubbles coming out of the waterways in Louisiana and houses shifting shaking and moving even when located on cement!



Notice on this next website how many more there have been over the years. Perhaps our world has become so populated that it’s easier to find ourselves near one of these?

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2 thoughts on “Sinkholes Opening Around the Globe

  1. dublinmick

    Thank you for replying to my blog and post. Dialogue is always graciously received. Since that post there have been indications that houses are sinking in California. This is not a state especially known for sink hole activity.


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