Rare Planetary & Space Sights

First Created 10/2/2012

So many “space rarities” in one year.

Millions look skyward as rare eclipse crosses US, Asia May 2012

From a park near Albuquerque, to the top of Japan’s Mount Fuji, to the California coast the effect was dramatic: The moon nearly blotting out the sun creating a blazing “ring of fire” eclipse.

Millions of people across a narrow strip of eastern Asia and the Western U.S. turned their sights skyward for the annular eclipse, in which the moon passes in front of the sun leaving only a golden ring around its edges.

The rare lunar-solar alignment was visible in Asia early Monday before it moved across the Pacific — and the international dateline — where it was seen in parts of the western United States late Sunday afternoon……..

The Transit of Venus

June 5/6 2012, is the last time Venus will pass across the face of the sun for the next 105 years. There are several opportunities locally, including in Loganville, Ga., to watch this now once in a lifetime event…………


Moon to Occult Jupiter in Rare July 15th, 2012 Event

A rare, major and hugely memorable event will occur early in the morning of Sunday, July 15th when the moon passes in front of the planet Jupiter (astronomers call this an “occultation”) blocking it from view for about an hour……………


Blue Moon: Rare Second Full Moon of Month Visible Tonight

Once in a blue moon, we get a night like this one. If the weather is clear, you will get to see the second full moon of the month — or perhaps the fourth full moon of a three-month season — or maybe an early “betrayer moon” (belewe in Old English) — or any of half a dozen other definitions that have come up over the last 400 years. At any rate, the full moon of Aug. 31 has been agreed upon, somewhere, as a blue moon, and if you go out after dark, we hope you will enjoy its light……………..


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