Volcanoes and Increased Earthquakes

First Created 10/2/2012


Scientists say that there is not an increase in earthquakes but according to their own data it seems to be on the rise.

I have been keeping an eye on these stats since about 2008. I made this graph earlier this year just so I could see the comparison throughout the years. What I see is something amazing. The bible speaks of earthquakes in diverse (different) places and compares the end times to a woman in labor. Meaning that everything we see going on will happen with greater intensity and more frequency as time progresses. They will become stronger and happen closer together (more often). Just like labor pains. Anyone that has been involved with a baby delivery is familiar with a contractions monitor. The higher the spikes, the more intense the contraction and the closer to delivery time. This is what I see in this graph. Amazing!

Earthquake-GraphEarthquake Statistics


While volcanoes erupt daily and it’s no new thing, what I have found interesting is that so many volcanoes that have been quiet for over a hundred years or more have suddenly started to show signs of activity.

Volcano activity of August 5-6, 2012 – Mt. Tongariro (New Zealand) erupts for the first time since 1897!

Mt. Etna has been particularly active in the last few years.

August 2010 Volcano Quiet for 400 Years Erupts in Indonesia

May 2008 Chilean Volcano Erupts After Thousands of Years

Yellowstone Super Volcano

Volcano Alerts and What’s Erupting Now

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