Gender Confusion

Is it really that difficult to figure out which restroom or gym locker you should be using? Our country is on the path of difilement. I understand the fact that there are people in this world that truly believe they are not the gender they were born into. I understand that human emotions are strong to the point of giving into them. On a daily basis there are moments I would love to beat someone down because they have pushed me too far. There are times when emotions should not take over your life.

We are surrounded in this world by stalkers, rapist, abusers, pedophiles, the mentally insane, etc. These are people who are so lost in their emotions that they would do anything to get the satisfaction they want. They pretend to be your friend, companion, soul mate or whatever to get closer to their emotional intentions. Now, I understand, or at least try to understand, that some people are not content with the body parts they were born with. That is a conflict between them and God. While I’m on the subject of God, I would like to say that my God doesn’t make mistakes with genders when He creates us but, He does allow Satan to intrude in our lives and it is up to us to make the decision. It’s called free will. Succumb to your emotions are become what God created you to be.

With that being said, this post is not about a person’s struggle with how God made them. This is about protecting others from these struggles. When a trangender male is allowed access into an area where women are vulnerable it has serious implications.

A woman has a male friend. This friend has feelings for the woman but she doesnt feel the same about him. She notices he has become more hostile towards her and she slowly backs away from the friendship. The more she tries to avoid him the more he becomes persisitant in trying to win her heart. He becomes obsessed with her. Watches her every movement. Follows her everywhere. One day he gets a clever idea. The woman is out and has to use a public restroom. She enters. Following behind her is a transgender male. She thinks nothing of it because a law has passed that a woman “trapped” in a man’s body can use the woman’s restroom. She never thought that this ex-friend would go to such lengths to rape and kill her.

This is just one scene that will play out and they all end badly. I know that this scenerio happens even now but it’s harder to recognize with costumes and less likely to be suspicious when legal. Wearing a dress and wig or having long hair doesn’t make you a woman. Having a vagina does. So if you are stuggling with your inner emotions take time to think about others that will be harmed in the proccess of you winning your fight. This life is not just about you.

Perhaps signs like these would be less confusing.


Until you have made a complete change, you should live under the rules of the body you were born with. God still follows the rules. A man “trapped” in a woman’s body will still menstrate. A woman in a man’s body could still get prostate cancer. And so on. Certain rules need to be followed for our protection and should not be changed or broken just because we don’t like them.

Society is very selective on their opinions of right and wrong. Why is it tolerant of a male that feels like a woman trapped in a man’s body but not tolerant of woman who says she is a black woman in a white woman’s body? And why does a man who thinks he is a dog get locked away in a psych ward? If we are gonna bend the rules, why not just break them in half and throw them all away? If a transgender male has the right to use a woman’s restroom or gym locker room while still sporting a penis, than a white woman has the right to be a leader in the NAACP and let that two legged dog out of lock up. Where’s PETA when you need them? Sounds silly I know but, stop and think about it. What makes one innerself more important than another?

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