Mission Statement

Mission Statement


This blog is a collection of my study of the bible. To start with I will give a little background about me. I was raised in Catholic beliefs most of my life. I even attended Catholic school for a short time. My mother was an alcoholic drug user. My father I never knew. I was the only child of 6 that my mother kept with her during her life until she abandoned me at 13 years old. All the others she abandoned at an earlier age. Growing up I attended many different churches and witnessed many different religions. From all these I learned a lot but it was through my mother that I learned the most. I truly believe that God uses even the biggest of sinners to teach of us. It was through my mother that He guided me and through various people we met that He protected me. My mother and I moved several times during my childhood. It was the most unstable life a child could have but I was very happy and never feared the future. God was always the biggest thing in my life. As I grew I strayed from time to time but I always came back and He always greeted me with open arms. When I was very young I had religious visions. God would always comfort me in some way. For that, I thank Him greatly. If not for Him I might have grown to be a person who blames their childhood for everything wrong in their life. God taught me early on that everything is my choice.

As I said I was basically raised Catholic. I was born again at the age of 14 and then I was baptized Mennonite. I chose Mennonite after reading about different religious beliefs, and attending different churches, and found Mennonite to be the closest to my beliefs. However, the more I learned the more I felt at a lost when it came to religion. I was told I was going to hell because I wouldn’t adhere my beliefs to just one religion. I lost faith in the man-made world of God. I’ve seen the corruption man has on the word of God. I’ve seen how Satan has divided God’s children. I’ve seen how man has lost his faith. He says, “I worship God one day a week so, I must believe in him.” but yet they never really trust God in their life. Many people go to church because they feel obligated to man to do so, they were raised to do so, or they need to prove something to man. God knows what’s in your heart when you step into that church because he has witnessed your heart during the other 6 days. I have no faith in man or its religion because man has strayed too far from God. Religion is competition. I’m a child of God and need no title of man-made denomination. I’m not saying everyone that goes to church is wrong in their beliefs but I am saying you need to question the things you are being taught. Don’t go to church, listen to the man at the pulpit and go home thinking everything he said is correct. Look it up for yourself. Study it for yourself. Open your eyes to the truth and the real word of God. He has something to say about what you’ve just been taught. Satan is a sneaky, sneaky, vile being.

It was just a few years ago I learned most of what my mother taught me was not actually Catholic beliefs. I found that odd so I tried to remember everything she taught me and why. I don’t recall her going to church or even reading the bible even though she quoted from it many times. I shrugged it off and didn’t give it much thought. I was in a conversation with a friend back in 2001 about the bible and church. She seemed quite offended at some of my beliefs which later she came back to me and said, “Now I see.” But during our debates I started questioning my beliefs so, I asked God about it. Now I had tried on several occasions to read the bible in its entirety but couldn’t get myself to pursue it. I’d start and stop many times until I just didn’t bother anymore. So, maybe I was wrong but I needed to know from Him. At one point I asked Him what I was suppose to do. My friend and I were constantly arguing about my beliefs. So, I prayed to Him and asked what it was that I was meant to do. He answered me the next morning with a whisper in my ear just before I was completely awake. He said to me, “You are a messenger, not a teacher.” This had me a little confused. And actually still does. How can I be a messenger without teaching? A few days after this my friend and I were still debating even though she did find truth in some of what I had said. I became upset and went to God again. I told him how frustrated I was and He answered me the same way saying, “Let them condemn you for your beliefs for that is what they did to me.” So, I learned to deal with it. They don’t understand and it was not my place to teach them otherwise but merely put what I know on the table and let them take what they will. It’s all a choice.

I still get frustrated when people tell me my beliefs are wrong so, I try not to talk about them. I have tried to keep my relationship with God personal and just between Him and I. Until spring of 2008 when another friend and I started talking about the rapture and its timing. Before this time I had no idea that anyone thought any different on this subject. I was taught, almost every day, by my mother about how there was going to be an antichrist and the 666 symbol and how Jesus was coming back to set up the new kingdom. She planted it in my brain that when the 666 system goes into effect that I am not to partake of it. I am to run to the mountains and wait for Jesus. She never said how long it was going to last. She told me that only God’s chosen will be able to see or recognize this happening. All this from a woman whom I have never seen read the bible but yet she quoted it almost word for word, which I didn’t know until this recent conversation with my friend. My friend told me about how Jesus will be coming back before the antichrist sets up his system. I couldn’t believe my ears. Where did she get this stuff from? Come to find out, she was not the only one to believe this. Everyone I spoke to about it believed the same thing. What happened? I decided that I should read the bible in its entirety because once again I doubted my beliefs. So, I read it. In 7 months I read the whole bible. Then a few months later He told me to do a website. I put the thought aside until a friend at work confirmed to me that I was to do a website. She knew nothing about it beforehand. Now I see what God wanted me to understand. Everything I was taught was straight from Him and it has now been confirmed. I will never have doubts about my beliefs again. And so, I’m to deliver His message to all.

About this pretribulation rapture thing. I’ve learned that this belief mainly started because of a vision from a 15 year old girl back in 1830 whom the Catholic church has deemed to be a prophet and has even published her vision. I have read this vision of hers and it’s nothing more than words pulled straight from the bible. EXACT quotes. How many times has God given His prophets the same EXACT words to speak? Words that have already been spoken by another? God has given His prophets basic subject but never the same EXACT words are spoken. How can this can be taken as a pretribulation rapture when she says, “The trial of the Church is from Antichrist.” Her “prophecy” is both manipulative and contradicting. It’s a plagiarized prophecy. This child has succeeded in deceiving many and now her deception is being taught in almost ALL churches. Satan is a sneaky, sneaky, vile being indeed.

I pray that those who believe in a pretribulation rapture don’t fall prey to the antichrist. I see things happening. Some will not recognize the mark of the beast and take it thinking they are safe because they haven’t been raptured yet. Some will see the antichirst as the true messiah. Some will know what’s going on but feel they have been “left behind” since they are witnessing the great tribulation. The tribulation we go through every day now is nothing compared to the tribulation Jesus spoke about when He said He would return “Immediately after the tribulation of those days”. That tribulation is going to be a nightmare come true. People dying of hunger and disease. People fighting and killing for food and shelter and the only earthly way to get it will be through the new world system of the final antichrist. A government forcing people to believe a different religion and being killed if they don’t worship by the law. For fear of survival many will conform to the new system when they should be putting ALL their faith of survival in God. They won’t see that they have just traded their salvation for an extended earthly life. God is not going to let anyone into the kingdom of heaven just because they say they believe in Jesus, or just because they do good deeds. God only wants those made white and pure by proof. Those that have sacrificed themselves for Him one way or another. “The servant is not greater than his master”. Come judgment day you will see where the true faith of your heart lay during your lifetime. The time is fast approaching. So, trust in God with all your heart no matter what happens and have no fear of the future. If you walk with Christ on this earth, you will walk with Christ for all eternity.

God Bless.

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